3 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Skip the MLS When Selling a House in Los Angeles

3 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Skip the MLS When Selling a House in Los Angeles

Selling a house in Los Angeles? If you are going to list it ‘On market’ AKA on the Multiple Listing Service or the MLS.

Be prepared to put in some work!

First you need to hire an agent. Don’t just hire any agent. Make sure they have a nationally ranked home selling system. The best ones are patented and trademarked.

Next you need to make sure your house looks great for the pictures. Clean up, de-clutter and make it look like no one lives in the house. This is what most agents require.

Get ready to wait. Once you’ve gone through the agent hiring process, cleaned up your house, taken photos, etc. It’s time to do showings!

Some agents allow buys to enter your house with an hours notice, others schedule open houses where any member of the public can enter your home.

Once the showings begin, hopefully your agent gives you feedback (some don’t) and you wait for an offer to come in. Once you get an offer, it’s good to think about several things. Is this the best offer your agent can bring? Should they do more marketing? Will a higher offer come in later?

Read on as we explore three reasons why people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Los Angeles. 

No Listing Expense(s)

One of the main reasons people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Los Angeles is to save the commissions and fees. You can expect to pay between 6-7% of your total purchase price between commissions, escrow, and title fees.

Do you have new furniture? If not your agent might require you to stage the house. This can range from $3000 to $15,000.

Also don’t forget about home repairs. Is your home in pristine shape? Probably not. If it’s listed on the MLS, the buyer has the right to ask you for you to repair defects or pay them a credit.

What about selling your home ‘as-is’ on the MLS? It doesn’t matter, buyer’s can still ask for you to pay for repairs.

What are some common repairs? Basic termite tenting is generally $1500 – $2000 plus the cost for wood repairs. Wood repairs are generally $5000 – $10,000+

Sewer lines are a major unexpected expense since they are buried and you just expect them to work. Ballpark is $10,000 to $20,000 if your clay sewer line has not been re-lined with a modern solution.

Those are the most common repairs. Others to think about are roof repairs, HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc. Do you have low flow water faucets/toilets or the correct glazing on your sliding glass doors? If not the buyer can require you to remedy them based on what’s in your contract.

If you work with Tucker Buys Homes LA won’t pay for any of the above items.

No Showings

Another reason people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Los Angeles is to avoid the hassles of showings.

Do you enjoy having strangers walk through your house? Most people don’t.

Will your agent be doing the showings or do they have a showing agent? Many agents pawn off showings and open houses to brand new agents that don’t mind sitting in an empty house for 3+ hours.

What about buyer’s that are ‘in the neighborhood’? Sometimes buyers are driving buy and want to see the house now. Make sure your agent pushes back on these type of requests unless you are desperate to sell your home. Ask for at least 24 – 48 hour notice so you have enough time to clean the house.

Month after month of showings can be exhausting. Sell your home to Tucker Buys Homes LA and we will make the process easy for you.

No Wondering When You’ll Close

Knowing the closing date is another reason people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Los Angeles.

When listing a property on market, you don’t know when you will receive offers and if the ones you receive, are the best.

It could be months before an offer comes along that you are willing to accept. Then you have to go through inspections, repairs and hope that the buyer’s loan gets approved. We have seen loans get dragged out 60+ days past Close of Escrow (COE)!

Even then, buyers on the MLS can easily cancel and get out of their contract. An offer from a retail buyer doesn’t mean anything until their bank wires the money and you close.

With all of these major hassles, why do people list on the MLS? There is only one reason to put your home on the MLS. In hopes of a higher price.

Sometimes you can get a higher price off market! Crazy, huh?

We promise to give you a competitive cash offer without all the hassle of listing your home on the MLS. Call Tucker Buys Homes LA at 424-341-0837 for your price.

We won’t require a bunch of showings, ask for repairs, re-negotiate or have to wait for a bank’s approval. We can close on your timeframe.

Our goal is to keep you happy and make this process easy for you.

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